In today’s digital world machines are needed to do any kind of operations. Machines can crunch data, spot trends and execute routine tactical tasks much faster than humans ever could. Machine learning and artificial intelligence both are the same things but there is thin line of differentiation which separates these two from each other.

As we are well aware about digital data holds a key part of marketing success. Machine learning is nothing but it’s a technology that suggests suggestions. Machine learning can recognize patterns on its own and learn to predict responses.

Now a days machine learning has been become a part of marketer’s everyday life. Machine learning helps marketer to make decisions faster and accurate. The basic ability of machine learning to detect changes in interests and consumption behavior helps the organization to be on the forefront of their industry. Through that the industry is able to do its SWOT analysis.

In the world of digital marketing, search engine marketing is one of the important specialization. It is the form of internet marketing that deals with the promoting the websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages via paid advertising. The role of machine learning is dynamic in search engine marketing. Machine learning is essentially using algorithms to calculate trends, value or other characteristics of specific things based on historical data. While search history is just one component of the search experience that machine learning uses to provide better results.

Role of Machine Learning in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

From the above figure we can conclude that how machine learning proves a boon for search engine marketers. Machine learning algorithms are also great for standardized tasks in search engine marketing such as recommendations for account audits, keyword selections, ad copy, ad testing, audience segmentation, campaign structure and even identifying missed opportunities

Machine learning and automation currently plays a big role and will play an even larger role in pay-per-click advertising going forward. Paid search and paid social functionality is more complex than ever. The number of platforms and networks that need to be managed is constantly expanding and stakeholders are demanding deeper analyses and cross channel insights. To follow machine learning in search engine marketing strategy plays a very important role. Let’s talk about strategy planning in search engine marketing.

search engine marketing strategy planning
Steps for Strategy Planning in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The above mentioned steps for strategy planning in search engine marketing (SEM) can be explained as follows:-

  1. SWOT analysis refers to the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats analysis and it is very important in search engine marketing (SEM) while we make strategies. We have to assess the overall situation before using machine learning for the operations of SEM.
  2. Preparation of Account Management Policy – It is rightly said that sharply defined goals and key performance are the milestone for any pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Paid search management is very iterative process and PPC professionals should trained to manage accounts.
  3. Creation of Efficient and Effective Action Plan – While applying the technology of machine learning in SEM, PPC marketers have to create effective and efficient action plan by maintaining the records related to the campaign.

However, better management gets even better performance. While using machine learning and artificial intelligence for campaign management, today marketers are observing that the performance level increases day-by-day. This happens just because the algorithms actually gets smarter and inject the learning back into their performance. That’s why in today’s competitive world, machine learning is in the heart of the marketers.

Why marketer should switch on machines learning for Search Engine Marketing Campaign Management?

Switch to Machine Learning for SEM
Switch to Machine Learning in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Even now the marketers are ready to except the importance of machine learning in area of digital marketing or search engine marketing. There are also some barriers in the path of machine learning to prove beneficial for the SEM or PPC.

Let’s discuss about what are the barriers of machine learning to achieve the beneficiary position –

Majority of the stakeholders don’t believe on the ability of the machine learning just because of their ignorance about the technology. Because of that they voluntarily do not get ready to implement or to allow the technology of machine learning in the organisation. Another major barrier is ignorance and illiteracy amongst the audience or customer regarding the technology. Since, there is a key for every lock, like that way there is a solution for each and every problem. So, let’s discuss about what kind of efforts the marketer have to take to eradicate the barriers from the path of machine learning.

  1. Educate your audience and ultimate customer.
  2. Educate stakeholders about the technology during the meetings.
  3. Have a strong point of view about machine learning.

Recent survey clears the role of humans and machines in search engine marketing

Machine Learning Survey for SEM
Machine Learning Survey in Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In the above diagram, bids and budgets management lead by machines. As, bid and budget management emerged as the first area controlled by machine learning under the PPC umbrella. Because it is so important, machine learning helps to make smarter bid and budget decisions within SEM accounts.

Finally, after a long discussion on the role of machine learning in SEM we are reach at one conclusion. i.e. machine learning definitely proves a beneficial or a boon for a SEM field.

The role of machine learning in SEM supports the statement

Business with the lowest spend actually had highest success in terms of lifetime value

There is no doubt that, machine learning will reach Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to its ultimate goal to deliver better performance and RoAS.

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